Updated ranges of the Vulnerable cheetah and Endangered African wild dog in Angola

  title={Updated ranges of the Vulnerable cheetah and Endangered African wild dog in Angola},
  author={Pedro Monterroso and Filipe Rocha and Stefan van Wyk and Telmo Ant{\'o}nio and Milc{\'i}ades Chicomo and Selma Kosmas and Fernanda Lages and Ezequiel Fabiano and Raquel Godinho},
  pages={851 - 853}
Abstract The civil unrest that ravaged Angola for nearly 30 years took a heavy toll on the country's wildlife, and led to a lengthy absence of reliable information for many threatened species, including the cheetah Acinonyx jubatus and African wild dog Lycaon pictus. Using camera trapping we assessed the status of these two species in two areas of southern Angola, and complemented our findings by reviewing recent survey reports and observations to provide an update on the species' status. We… Expand


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Felis Schreber, 1775, plate 105, 1777:392. Type species Felis jubata. Acinonyx Brookes, 1828:33. Type species [Acinonyx] venator. Cynailurus Wagler, 1830:30. Based on Felis jubatus Schreber.Expand
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