Update on the role of exercise in cystic fibrosis.


PURPOSE OF REVIEW The role of exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis has been recognized for as long as cystic fibrosis has been identified as a clinical syndrome, as exercise intolerance has always been a hallmark of disease progression. RECENT FINDINGS Work published in the past year has shed new light on several aspects of this field, including physiologic responses to exercise, responses to exercise programs, and the epidemiologic and prognostic implications of activity and exercise testing. SUMMARY Barker's work is perhaps the most compelling, as it highlights the overwhelming interest and belief in the utility of exercise testing and prescription among cystic fibrosis physicians and the contrasting paucity of programs that test their patients and prescribe exercise for them. More studies are needed to identify the form of exercise programs and tests that are most likely to be effective and to be used by cystic fibrosis centers and patients.

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