Update on Luri: How many languages?

  title={Update on Luri: How many languages?},
  author={Erik Anonby},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society},
  pages={171 - 197}
  • Erik Anonby
  • Published 29 September 2002
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
Abstract Luri is an Indo-Iranian language cluster with over four million speakers. The Luri ethnic area is found in southwestern Iran and southeastern Iraq, although smaller numbers of speakers have emigrated to elsewhere in Asia and a number of cities in the West. 
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A comprehensive taxonomy of bird knowledge in Southern Luri is presented in a diagram of bird families followed by a semantically organized list of the 84 terms for bird types found in the language, along with the meanings of these terms.
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The present article deals with the controversial relationship of Luri Language with Persian, and aims to find out whether Luri is a distinct family from Persian even in the middle period, or it must