Update of TTD: Therapeutic Target Database

  title={Update of TTD: Therapeutic Target Database},
  author={Feng Zhu and Bu-Cong Han and Pankaj Kumar and Xianghui Liu and Xiao Hua Ma and XiaoNa Wei and Lu Huang and Yangfan Guo and Lianyi Han and ChanJuan Zheng and Yu Zong Chen},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={D787 - D791}
  • F. ZhuB. Han Y. Chen
  • Published 20 November 2009
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • Nucleic Acids Research
Increasing numbers of proteins, nucleic acids and other molecular entities have been explored as therapeutic targets, hundreds of which are targets of approved and clinical trial drugs. Knowledge of these targets and corresponding drugs, particularly those in clinical uses and trials, is highly useful for facilitating drug discovery. Therapeutic Target Database (TTD) has been developed to provide information about therapeutic targets and corresponding drugs. In order to accommodate increasing… 

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The Therapeutic Target Database: an Internet resource for the primary targets of approved, clinical trial and experimental drugs

The TTD database is described and how its data can be explored for facilitating target and drug searches, the study of the mechanism of multi-target drugs and the development of in silico target discovery tools are illustrated.

Therapeutic target database update 2018: enriched resource for facilitating bench-to-clinic research of targeted therapeutics

An update of the Therapeutic target database (TTD) is described, which makes TTD more useful for facilitating the patient focused research, discovery and clinical investigations of the targeted therapeutics.

Genome-wide identification of structural variants in genes encoding drug targets: possible implications for individualized drug therapy

Structural variants in pharmacodynamic genes may play a larger role in determining individual variation in drug responses than currently believed and hold promising prospects for implementation in pharmacogenetic testing and individualized drug treatments.

Comparison of FDA Approved Kinase Targets to Clinical Trial Ones: Insights from Their System Profiles and Drug-Target Interaction Networks

A comparative study may help to facilitate the identification of the druggability of established drug targets by their system profiles and drug-target interaction networks.

In Silico Chemogenomics Drug Repositioning Strategies for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Current methodological development efforts in drug repositioning that use state-of-the-art computational ligand- and structure-based chemogenomics approaches are summarized and highlighted, based on curation and modeling of genomic, biological, and chemical data.

DrugBank 3.0: a comprehensive resource for ‘Omics’ research on drugs

DrugBank 3.0 represents the result of 2 years of manual annotation work aimed at making the database much more useful for a wide range of ‘omics’ applications, particularly with regard to drug target, drug description and drug action data.

SuperTarget goes quantitative: update on drug–target interactions

A web-based data warehouse named SuperTarget, which integrates drug-related information associated with medical indications, adverse drug effects, drug metabolism, pathways and Gene Ontology (GO) terms for target proteins, is developed.

Bioinformatics and variability in drug response: a protein structural perspective

This review summarizes structural characteristics of protein targets and common mechanisms of drug interactions, and describes the impact of coding mutations on protein structures and drug response.

Applications of Genome-Wide Screening and Systems Biology Approaches in Drug Repositioning

The current issues associated with drug repositioning are discussed in light of curated high-throughput multi-omic databases, genome-wide screening technologies, and their application in systems biology/medicine approaches.

Rational drug repositioning guided by an integrated pharmacological network of protein, disease and drug

By combining PharmDB, an integrated tripartite database, with Shared Neighborhood Scoring (SNS) algorithm, a knowledge platform to rationally identify new indications for known FDA approved drugs is developed, which can be customized to specific projects using manual curation.



TTD: Therapeutic Target Database

The Therapeutic Target Database (TTD) is designed to provide information about the known therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets described in the literature, the targeted disease conditions, the pathway information and the corresponding drugs/ligands directed at each of these targets.

Therapeutic Targets: Progress of Their Exploration and Investigation of Their Characteristics

The characteristics of the currently explored targets are investigated to analyze their sequence, structure, family representation, pathway association, tissue distribution, and genome location features for finding clues useful for searching for new targets.

DrugBank: a knowledgebase for drugs, drug actions and drug targets

The latest version of DrugBank (release 2.0) has been expanded significantly over the previous release and contains 60% more FDA-approved small molecule and biotech drugs including 10% more ‘experimental’ drugs.

DrugBank: a comprehensive resource for in silico drug discovery and exploration

DrugBank is a unique bioinformatics/cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information and is fully searchable supporting extensive text, sequence, chemical structure and relational query searches.

What Are Next Generation Innovative Therapeutic Targets? Clues from Genetic, Structural, Physicochemical, and Systems Profiles of Successful Targets

Collective consideration of multiple profiles demonstrated promising potential in identifying innovative targets in research targets.

Functional genomics to new drug targets

The field of functional genomics and review approaches that have been applied to drug discovery, including RNA profiling, proteomics, antisense and RNA interference, model organisms and high-throughput, genome-wide overexpression or knockdowns, are described and the future directions that are likely to yield new drug targets from genomics are outlined.

PDTD: a web-accessible protein database for drug target identification

PDTD serves as a comprehensive and unique repository of drug targets and in conjunction with TarFisDock, PDTD can be used to identify binding proteins for small molecules and may be a valuable platform for the pharmaceutical researchers.

Multi-target therapeutics: when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Network pharmacology: the next paradigm in drug discovery.

A new appreciation of the role of polypharmacology has significant implications for tackling the two major sources of attrition in drug development--efficacy and toxicity.

How many drug targets are there?

A consensus number of current drug targets for all classes of approved therapeutic drugs is proposed, and an emerging realization of the importance of polypharmacology and also the power of a gene-family-led approach in generating novel and important therapies is highlighted.