Update of (40)K and (226)Ra and (232)Th series γ-to-dose conversion factors for soil.

  title={Update of (40)K and (226)Ra and (232)Th series γ-to-dose conversion factors for soil.},
  author={Emily Gasser and Abdellatif Nachab and Abdelati Nourreddine and Ch Roy and Addil Sellam},
  journal={Journal of environmental radioactivity},
Over the last four decades, the dose conversion factors used to calculate external exposure to γ radiation from soil from (40)K and the (226)Ra and (232)Th chains have been 0.62, 0.042 and 0.46 (nGy/h per Bq/kg), respectively. This work updates these γ-to-dose conversion factors, taking into consideration the composition, depth and radius of the soil source, and importantly, updated branching ratios, with MCNPX simulations. The new conversion factors are 0.036, 0.357 and 0.482 (nGy/h per Bq/kg… CONTINUE READING

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