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Updatable CRS Simulation-Extractable zk-SNARKs with a Single Verification

  title={Updatable CRS Simulation-Extractable zk-SNARKs with a Single Verification},
  author={Jihye Kim and Jiwon Lee and Hyunok Oh},
  • Jihye Kim, Jiwon Lee, Hyunok Oh
  • Published 2019
  • This paper proposes pairing-based simulation-extractable zeroknowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge (SE-SNARK) schemes for QAP (Quadratic Arithmetic Program). In the proposed schemes, the proof size is 3 group elements for a QAP (Quadratic Arithmetic Program) circuit in asymmetric groups (Type III pairing), and 2 group elements for an SAP (Square Arithmetic Program) circuit in symmetric groups (Type I pairing), respectively. Moreover, the proposed schemes have only a single… CONTINUE READING

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