Upconversion white-light emission in Ho3+/Yb3+/Tm3+ tridoped LiNbO3 single crystal.


Ho3+/Yb3+/Tm3+ tridoped LiNbO3 single crystal exhibiting intense upconversion white light under 980 nm excitation has been successfully fabricated by the Czochralski method. The tridoped LiNbO3 single crystal offers power dependent color tuning properties by simply changing excitation power. Efficient three-photon blue upconversion emission and two-photon green and red upconversion emissions have been observed. In addition, the red emission of Ho3+ originates dominantly from the nonradiative decay of green emission. The LiNbO3 with upconversion white light will be a potential laser candidate material.

DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.003537

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@article{Xing2012UpconversionWE, title={Upconversion white-light emission in Ho3+/Yb3+/Tm3+ tridoped LiNbO3 single crystal.}, author={Lili Xing and Xiaohong Wu and Rui Wang and Wei Xu and Yannan Qian}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2012}, volume={37 17}, pages={3537-9} }