Upconversion Fluorescence in Naturally Occurring Calcium Fluoride

  title={Upconversion Fluorescence in Naturally Occurring Calcium Fluoride},
  author={Jillian Elizabeth Moffatt and Thomas Bede Payten and Georgios Tsiminis and Thomas J. de Prinse and Lewis da Silva Teixeira and Elizaveta Klantsataya and David J. Ottaway and Barnaby W. Smith and Nigel A. Spooner},
  journal={Applied Spectroscopy},
  pages={674 - 689}
Fluorine can negatively interfere with leach and smelting processes during mineral processing. Real-time knowledge of the concentration and mineral hosts of fluorine in a mineral processing ore stream is important to protect process line equipment and product. Currently only offline methods of detection are available. Online sensors that determine specific fluorine-bearing mineral concentration in real-time would enable improved efficiency in processing decisions during mine production. Common… 

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