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Upaya Penanggulangan Tindak Pidana Pembuangan Bayi Di Kabupaten Boyolali

  title={Upaya Penanggulangan Tindak Pidana Pembuangan Bayi Di Kabupaten Boyolali},
  author={Herdian Ayu Andreana Beru Tarigan and Sh. M.Hum Natangsa Surbakti},
Child is a person under 18, including an unborn child. Any acts that may interfere with the rights of the child may be punishable by law in force. Currently, many cases of baby disposal in Indonesia as in Boyolali. The problem in this research is the effort to overcome the infant disposal crime. The method used in this research is empirical juridical. There are various factors behind the disposal of babies such as extramarital pregnancy, embarrassment for childbirth, boyfriend betrayal… 
Baby Dumping in Malaysia and Indonesia: Between National Regulation and Islamic Criminal Law
This study aims to analyze the problem of baby dumping that happened in Malaysia and Indonesia according to regulation and Islamic Law (Fiqh al-Jinayah). As known, both countries are majority Muslims
Crime Murder Investigation Process of Infant in Order by Biological Mother on Child Protection in Polres Purworejo Jurisdiction (Case Study in Polsek Butuh Purworejo)
The aim in this study were 1) to determine analyze the process of investigation of criminal infanticide by the biological mother in Polsek Butuh Purworejo; 2) to assess and analyze the process of