Up-regulated cten by FGF2 contributes to FGF2-mediated cell migration.

  title={Up-regulated cten by FGF2 contributes to FGF2-mediated cell migration.},
  author={Shih-Ya Hung and Yi-Ping Shih and Michelle Chen and Su Hao Lo},
  journal={Molecular carcinogenesis},
  volume={53 10},
Cten is a focal adhesion molecule that is expressed at very low levels in most normal tissues. Nonetheless, its expression has been found to increase dramatically in many types of cancer including colorectal, breast, gastric, and pancreatic cancer, suggesting that cten may play a critical role during tumorigenesis. To study the mechanisms that induce cten expression and the function of up-regulated cten, we examined the effects of several cancer-associated growth factors and cytokines on cten… CONTINUE READING