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Up and Coming: The Media Mix, Pornoarchaeology, and Architecting of Kent Monkman’s Cinematic World

  title={Up and Coming: The Media Mix, Pornoarchaeology, and Architecting of Kent Monkman’s Cinematic World},
  author={Braden Lee Scott},
Canadian Indigenous multidisciplinary artist Kent Monkman’s work has inspired many scholars to write on contemporary art as an indicator of socio-historical politics pertaining to Indigenous identities, postcolonial atrocities, and queer sexualities. Despite this rather large and emerging field of what I like to call “Monkman studies,” there is a constant avoidance among scholars to discuss how the works themselves instigate conversations around sexuality and race, how their chosen forms of… 


Subverting visual discourses of gender and geography: Kent Monkman's revised iconography of the American West.
  • M. Elston
  • Art, History
    Journal of American culture
  • 2012
Kent Monkman's present-day disruptions of the embedded aesthetic and social codes signal a shift in this state: a shift from objectstatus to subject-status, from victimhood to action, from elegiac absence to living presence.
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  • 2011
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