Unwrapping Curves from Cylinders and Cones

  title={Unwrapping Curves from Cylinders and Cones},
  author={T. Apostol and M. Mnatsakanian},
  journal={The American Mathematical Monthly},
  pages={388 - 416}
Now imagine the elliptical cross section replaced by any curve lying on the surface of a right circular cylinder. What happens to this curve when the cylinder is unwrapped? Consider also the inverse problem, which you can experiment with by yourself: Start with a plane curve (line, circle, parabola, sine curve, etc.) drawn with a felt pen on a rectangular sheet of transparent plastic, and roll the sheet into cylinders of different radii. What shapes does the curve take on these cylinders? How… Expand
An Ellipse Morphs to a Cosine Graph!
Summary We produce a continuum of curves all of the same length, beginning with an ellipse and ending with a cosine graph. The curves in the continuum are made by cutting and unrolling circular conesExpand
Self-Intersecting Periodic Curves in the Plane
Suppose a smooth planar curve $\gamma$ is $2\pi$-periodic in the $x$ direction and the length of one period is $\ell$. It is shown that if $\gamma$ self-intersects, then it has a segment of lengthExpand
Curved-folding-inspired deployable compliant rolling-contact element (D-CORE)
Abstract This work describes a deployable compliant rolling-contact element joint (D-CORE joint) that employs curved-folding origami techniques to enable transition from a flat to deployed state.Expand
It hurts! Newton complained that it gave him a headache; three centuries later it continues to cause severe migraines for mathematicians and astronomers. I am talking, of course, about the NewtonianExpand
A machine vision system for the braid angle measurement of tubular braided structures
Two-dimensional braided composite materials consist of an impregnated and cured braided fiber structure. The braid angle, which describes the orientation of fibers on the mandrel, affects theExpand
Generation of Undistorted Photomosaics of Cylindrical Vesicular Basalt Specimens
Photographic documentation of prepared rock core specimens may be required for scientific studies. For specimens that have surface features which vary circumferentially, it is advantageous to have aExpand
Experimental Evaluation of Sketching on Surfaces in VR
A set of controlled studies to analyze the factors affecting human ability to sketch freely in a 3D VR environment indicate that the lack of a physical drawing surface is a major cause of inaccuracies in VR drawing, and that the effect is dependent on the orientation of the drawing surface. Expand
A closed-form solution for the flat-state geometry of cylindrical surface intersections bounded on all sides by orthogonal planes
  • M. May
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • 2013
A closed-form solution for the boundary of the flat state of an orthogonal cross section of contiguous surface geometry formed by the intersection of two cylinders of equal radii oriented in dualExpand
Art to Engineering: Curved Folding and Developable Surfaces in Mechanism and Deployable Structure Design
Art to Engineering: Curved Folding and Developable Surfaces in Mechanism and Deployable Structure Design Todd G Nelson Department of Mechanical Engineering, BYU Doctor of Philosophy This workExpand
The polycons: the sphericon (or tetracon) has found its family
This paper introduces a new family of solids, which we call polycons, which generalize the sphericon in a natural way. The static properties of the polycons are derived, and their rolling behaviourExpand


A Fresh Look at the Method of Archimedes
The volume ratio for the sphere and cylinder can be derived from first principles without using levers and centroids (see [5]), and this simpler and more natural method paves the way for generalizations. Expand
Mathematics by experiment - plausible reasoning in the 21st century
Pi and its friends, and “Normality: A stubborn question,” from Mathematics by Experiment: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century, A. K. Peters, Natick, MA, 2nd edition, 2008. Expand
Mathematics by Experiment: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century (Book)
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