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Unwinding toric degenerations and mirror symmetry for Grassmannians

  title={Unwinding toric degenerations and mirror symmetry for Grassmannians},
  author={Tom Coates and Charles F. Doran and Elana Kalashnikov},
The most fundamental example of mirror symmetry compares the Fermat hypersurfaces in P and P/G, where G is a finite group that acts on P and preserves the Fermat hypersurface. We generalise this to hypersurfaces in Grassmannians, where the picture is richer and more complex. There is a finite group G that acts on the Grassmannian Gr(n, r) and preserves an appropriate Calabi–Yau hypersurface. We establish how mirror symmetry, toric degenerations, blow-ups and variation of GIT relate the Calabi… 
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