Unwinding of heterologous DNA by RecA protein during the search for homologous sequences.

  title={Unwinding of heterologous DNA by RecA protein during the search for homologous sequences.},
  author={E Rould and K. Muniyappa and C. M. Radding},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={226 1},
The search for homologous sequences promoted by RecA protein in vitro involves a presynaptic filament and naked duplex DNA, the multiple contacts of which produce nucleoprotein networks or coaggregates. The single-stranded DNA within the presynaptic filaments, however, is extended to an axial spacing 1.5 times that of B-form DNA. To investigate this paradoxical difference between the spacing of bases in the RecA presynaptic filament versus the target duplex DNA, we explored the effect of… CONTINUE READING


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