Unveiling South Africa's nuclear past

  title={Unveiling South Africa's nuclear past},
  author={Verne Harris and Sello Hatang and Peter Liberman},
  journal={Journal of Southern African Studies},
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Research into South African apartheid-era nuclear weapons history has been severely hampered by longstanding secrecy laws, not to mention the destruction of most policy records. The recent declassification and release of a 1975 Defence Force memorandum recommending the acquisition of nuclear weapons, however, shows that important documents have survived. This document sheds new light on military attitudes about nuclear acquisition, and about the extent of the South African-Israeli alliance. It… 

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Where Are the TRC Records?', Natal Witness

    Fission for Compliments? South Africa and the 1995 Extension of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

    • Policy: Issues and Actors
    • 1996

    Those who have passed away in recent years include Lt-Gen. R. F. Armstrong, the author of the 1975 memorandum discussed above; Lt-Gen. Robert H. ('Bob') Rogers, Air Force Chief of Staff

    • 1975

    South Africa Presents to Conference on Disarmament Working Paper on the Possible Scope of a Fissile Material Treaty

    • See UN Conference on Disarmament Press Release

    Statement on Secrecy and Disclosure About South Africa's Past Nuclear Weapons Programme