Unveiling Hidden Orders: Magnetostriction as a Probe of Multipolar-Ordered States

  title={Unveiling Hidden Orders: Magnetostriction as a Probe of Multipolar-Ordered States},
  author={Adarsh S Patri and Akito Sakai and SungBin Lee and Arun Paramekanti and Satoru Nakatsuji and Yong Baek Kim},
Broken symmetries in solids involving higher order multipolar degrees of freedom are historically referred to as "hidden orders" due to the formidable task of detecting them with conventional probes. Examples of such hidden orders include spin-nematic order in quantum magnets, and quadrupolar or higher multipolar orders in various correlated quantum materials. In this work, we theoretically propose that the study of magnetostriction provides a powerful and novel tool to directly detect higher… Expand
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