Unusual thoracoabdominal sites of metastases in testicular tumors.

  title={Unusual thoracoabdominal sites of metastases in testicular tumors.},
  author={Janet E. Husband and Elizabeth A Bellamy},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={145 6},
Testicular tumors spread in a predictable manner to lymph nodes in the paraaortic chain and then to supradiaphragmatic nodes in the mediastinum and supraclavicular fossae. The most common sites of extranodal disease are the lungs and liver. In a series of 650 patients with testicular tumors who underwent CT examinations unusual sites of thoracoabdominal metastases were demonstrated in 20 patients (23 sites). The sites involved were kidney (six patients), adrenal glands (four patients), inferior… CONTINUE READING


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