Unusual radio source MG1131+0456: a possible Einstein ring

  title={Unusual radio source MG1131+0456: a possible Einstein ring},
  author={Jacqueline N. Hewitt and Edwin L. Turner and Donald P. Schneider and Bernard F. Burke and Glen I. Langston and Charles E. Lawrence},
We report the discovery of extremely unusual structure in the radio source MG1131 + 0456. In a radio map with sub~arc$econd resolution the object appears as an elliptical ring of emission accompanied by a pair of more compact sources, nearly diametrically opposed and offset ∼0.3 arc s to the south-west of the ring. There is a faint, slightly extended, optical counterpart. In its spectrum we detect a continuum but no emission lines; therefore the redshift of the counterpart is unknown. The radio… CONTINUE READING
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