Unusual pulmonary angiographic findings in suspected pulmonary embolism.

  title={Unusual pulmonary angiographic findings in suspected pulmonary embolism.},
  author={R J Cassling and Juan F. Lois and Antoinette S. Gomes},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={145 5},
Pulmonary arteriography is most commonly performed to diagnose pulmonary embolism. A variety of clinical entities, however, may mimic pulmonary embolism both clinically and scintigraphically. Five patients with abnormal pulmonary arteriograms resulting from diseases other than pulmonary embolism are presented. The clinical, radiographic, and pathologic findings and long-term follow-up in these patients are described. Awareness of the angiographic patterns seen in these unusual cases is… CONTINUE READING

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