Unusual mitochondrial genome structures throughout the Euglenozoa.

  title={Unusual mitochondrial genome structures throughout the Euglenozoa.},
  author={Joannie Roy and Drahom{\'i}ra Faktorov{\'a} and Julius Luke{\vs} and Gertraud Burger},
  volume={158 3},
Mitochondrial DNA of Kinetoplastea is composed of different chromosomes, the maxicircle (bearing 'regular' genes) and numerous minicircles (specifying guide RNAs involved in RNA editing). In trypanosomes [Kinetoplastea], DNA circles are compacted into a single dense body, the kinetoplast. This report addresses the question whether multi-chromosome mitochondrial genomes and compacted chromosome organization are restricted to Kinetoplastea or rather occur throughout Euglenozoa, i.e… CONTINUE READING


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RNA Metabolism in Mitochondria

Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology • 2018

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