Unusual microscopic forms of experimental mesotheliomas.

  title={Unusual microscopic forms of experimental mesotheliomas.},
  author={J Topov and Krasimir Kolev},
  journal={Archiv fur Geschwulstforschung},
  volume={57 3},
A lightmicroscopic study is made on 36 pleural and 68 peritoneal experimental mesotheliomas induced in white rats by intrapleural and intraperitoneal introduction of asbestos dust. The experimental tumors were compared with 10 spontaneous human mesotheliomas (8 pleural and 2 peritoneal mesotheliomas). The analysis revealed 4 types of morphologically specific experimental mesotheliomas, which could not be referred to the classifications used. In this group are included: a) large cell alveolar, b… CONTINUE READING