Unusual location of hydatid cysts in pediatric patients.


OBJECTIVE/AIMS To emphasize the importance of diagnosis and treatment of unusually localized hydatid cysts in pediatric cases. METHODS Hydatid cyst patients of two departments were listed who had undergone surgery between January 2001 and December 2008. Of the 7 pediatric patients, 3 were chosen as the ones with unusual localization. Cyst removal with Dowling's technique was performed in 2 cases and total removal of the cyst wall was achieved after cyst aspiration in the other patient. RESULTS Two patients did not show any signs of recurrence. Some of the cranial multiple cysts of the patient who had undergone her first surgery in another clinic with cyst rupture were successfully removed in our clinic. Six months later, she was admitted with spinal seedings. CONCLUSION Hydatid cyst removal without rupture should be the surgical goal in all cases. Radiological evaluation is of utmost importance for differential diagnosis. When a cystic lesion is found in the central nervous system on radiological evaluation, hydatid disease must be considered in countries where the disease is endemic and surgery is to be planned emergently especially for pediatric cases with increased intracranial pressure. The study focuses on the strategy for the correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment of unusually localized hydatid cysts.

DOI: 10.1159/000260908

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