[Unusual forms of upper femur epiphysiolysis].


Among 56 slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) treated over 12 years, the authors report 10 particular cases: 3 hypopituitarisms, 1 adrenal hyperplasia, 1 case after radiotherapy, 2 osteochondrodysplasia, 2 cases with major defect of the posterior wall of femoral neck and 1 coxa valga slip. Literature is analysed with special reference to etiological forms representing a predisposition to slippage. Awareness of these conditions under which SCFE can occur is an important factor. Surgical stabilization is classical, but two points are discussed: stabilization may need to be augmented by autologous bone grafting or to be fixed with pins leading to normal growth without dysplasia of the hip.

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