Unusual congenital deformities of the lower limb in two calves.

  title={Unusual congenital deformities of the lower limb in two calves.},
  author={Jos J. Vermunt and Hilary Burbidge and K G Thompson},
  journal={New Zealand veterinary journal},
  volume={48 6},
Congenital deformities of the lower limb were observed in 2 calves from different properties. One was a newborn Holstein-Friesian bull calf with polydactyly and polypodia of the right fore-limb. The other was an 8-month-old Friesian/Jersey crossbred heifer calf, which had a mirror image duplication of the plantar/palmar half of the distal portion of the digits. The abnormalities in the second calf have not previously been described in cattle. This paper presents details of the clinical… CONTINUE READING
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