Unusual causes of abdominal pain: sickle cell anemia.

  title={Unusual causes of abdominal pain: sickle cell anemia.},
  author={Shahid Uddin Ahmed and Rabia K Shahid and Linda A Russo},
  journal={Best practice & research. Clinical gastroenterology},
  volume={19 2},
Sickle cell disease is characterized by chronic hemolytic anemia and vaso-occlusive painful crises. The vascular occlusion in sickle cell disease is a complex process and accounts for the majority of the clinical manifestation of the disease. Abdominal pain is an important component of vaso-occlusive painful crises. It often represents a substantial diagnostic challenge in this population of patients. These episodes are often attributed to micro-vessel occlusion and infarcts of mesentery and… CONTINUE READING
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