Unusual case of massive ST-segment elevation

  • J Sarrazin, Jean-François Sarrazina, Frank Bogunb
  • Published 2012


A 40-year-old man with known severe hypertension and moderate chronic renal insufficiency initially presented with back and chest pain. He was diagnosed with type B aortic dissection and underwent placement of a fenestrated stent-graft of the aorta for worsening renal function. The patient remained intubated and was sedated with propofol in the intensive care unit after the procedure for respiratory failure and acuteon-chronic renal failure requiring haemodialysis. Five days post-intervention, he developed massive ST-segment elevations (fig. 1), associated with recurrent episodes of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia / ventricular fibrillation, requiring prolonged resuscitation and multiple defibrillations.

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