Unusual case of chronic heart failure acutisation

  title={Unusual case of chronic heart failure acutisation},
  author={Tatjana Zeki{\'c} and Dragana Grohovac and Koraljka Benko and Travica Samsa Dijana and Raki{\'c} Marijana},
E-mail: tatjana.zekic@ri.t-com.hr Introduction: Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a result of many different causes, but rarely occurs due to intraatrial masses. Most commonly seen are thrombi related to atrial fibrillation (AF), valvular vegetations and cardiac tumors (mixomas), but the dignosis of extensive mass reaching from the inferior vena cava (IVC) to the right atrium of the heart is an extreme rare finding. The literature reported tumor spread in 1-4% cases of hepatocellular carcinoma… CONTINUE READING