Unusual Cys-Tyr covalent bond in a large catalase.

  title={Unusual Cys-Tyr covalent bond in a large catalase.},
  author={Adelaida D{\'i}az and Eduardo Horjales and Enrique Rudi{\~n}o-Pi{\~n}era and Rodrigo Arreola and Wilhelm Hansberg},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={342 3},
Catalase-1, one of four catalase activities of Neurospora crassa, is associated with non-growing cells and accumulates in asexual spores. It is a large, tetrameric, highly efficient, and durable enzyme that is active even at molar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Catalase-1 is oxidized at the heme by singlet oxygen without significant effects on enzyme activity. Here we present the crystal structure of catalase-1 at 1.75A resolution. Compared to structures of other catalases of the large… CONTINUE READING
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