Unusual Brownian motion of photons in open absorbing media

  title={Unusual Brownian motion of photons in open absorbing media},
  author={Liyi Zhao and Chushun Tian and Zhao-qing Zhang and Xiangdong Zhang},
Very recent experiments have discovered that localized light in strongly absorbing media displays intriguing diffusive phenomena. Here we develop a first-principles theory of light propagation in open media with arbitrary absorption strength and sample length. We show analytically that photons in localized open absorbing media exhibit unusual Brownian motion. Specifically, wave transport follows the diffusion equation with the diffusion coefficient exhibiting spatial resolution. Most strikingly… 
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Interplay between localization and absorption in disordered waveguides.

The results of this work justify use of SCT in analyses of experiments in localized regime, provided that absorption is not weak and open the possibility of diffusive description of wave transport in the saturation regime even when localization effects are strong.