Untreated periodontal disease: a longitudinal study.

  title={Untreated periodontal disease: a longitudinal study.},
  author={William Becker and Luc Berg and Burton E Becker},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={50 5},
Thirty diagnosed but untreated patients with moderate to advanced periodontal disease were examined a minimum of two times. The examination time intervals ranged between 18 and 115 months. 2. A total of 83 teeth were lost between examinations. 3. Excluding a patient who lost 25 teeth, a total of 58 teeth were lost. The adjusted tooth loss was 0.61 tooth per patient per year (or 0.36 with the elimination of 22 "hopeless" teeth). 4. The mandibular and maxillary molars had the greatest percentage… CONTINUE READING