• Medicine
  • Published 2010

Untersuchungen zur notärtzlichen Versorgung von Kindernotfällen

  title={Untersuchungen zur not{\"a}rtzlichen Versorgung von Kindernotf{\"a}llen},
  author={Uta Gentkow},
Out-of-hospital paediatric emergencies have a low prevalence. The emergency physicians have no routine. This may lead to insecurity and fear. All active EPs of our centre were presented with a structured questionnaire in order to evaluate their perception and assessment of OOH paediatric emergencies. Parallel we analyzed our electronic data base for out-of-hospital emergencies for pediatric OOH-emergencies from 01.01.1998 until 31.12.2006. The 43 participating EPs made highly detailed… CONTINUE READING

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