Untersuchungen über physiologische und biochemische indikatoren zur differenzierung zwischen mentaler und emotionaler beanspruchung bei psychischen leistungen

  title={Untersuchungen {\"u}ber physiologische und biochemische indikatoren zur differenzierung zwischen mentaler und emotionaler beanspruchung bei psychischen leistungen},
  author={F. Klimmer and Joseph Rutenfranz and Walter Rohmert},
  journal={International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health},
SummaryTo carry on earlier field experiments, the effects of mental or emotional loads were evaluated under laboratory conditions by means of physiological and biochemical indicators. Stress was produced by a method which allowed an exactly reproducible concentration performance to be obtained. The calculation task (a · b + c − d) was directed by means of an apparatus and the calculation speed could be varied from 1 to 30 calculations per minute. The calculations were presented either with… 

Die beurteilung von physischer und psychischer beanspruchung beim besteigen von hohen masten anhand physiologischer parameter

It could be shown, using non-parametric statistical methods, that the shorttime physical strain seems to be superimposed by an emotional component in the form of physical strain with a bicycle ergometer.

Richtigkeit und Genauigkeit der Catecholamin-Analyse: Ein Intra-Laboratorium-Methodenvergleich

SummaryThe concentration of noradrenaline and adrenaline in 150 urine samples was determined by four analytical procedures totally or partly independent from each other. The results were treated

Influence of coffee on the excretion of noradrenaline and adrenaline in urine

It could be demonstrated that relating the concentration of catecholamines to the creatinine excretion is insufficient for work physiology studies, especially if the urine sampling periods are as short as 2h.

Comparison of two analytical procedures for the determination of free urinary catecholamines under the demands of shiftwork experiments

The analysis of covariance showed that for field studies, as well as for laboratory experiments in which the variances contributed by the experiments themselves are greater than 10% rel.

Ein automatisiertes Verfahren für die Analyse der freien Catecholamine in Urin mittels Säulenschalttechnik und heterogenem Reaktionsdetektor

SummaryThe use of a precolumn switching technique coupled to a HPLC system with a heterogeneous chemical reaction detector makes possible the automated analysis of free catecholamines (NA, A), in

A calculation and interference test apparatus for the simulation of mental stress.

With the apparatus described here one can simulate workloads with high mental components and low physical activities, with great variability regarding type and difficulty of the task and with high

Critical investigation of the separation of noradrenaline and adrenaline from urine samples using Al2O3 as adsorbant

A critical investigation of the separation of free noradrenaline and adrenaline from urine samples revealed serious errors during sample pretreatment using Al2O3 as adsorbant. An exact and rapid pH

Belastung und Beanspruchung durch alternierende Telearbeit

The objective was to record stress due to telework in a field study with analyzing conditions of work at home and to assess whether the resulting strain will be higher than during work in the office.

Analysis of Stress and Strain in Head Based Control of Cooperative Robots through Tetraplegics

An empirical study that focuses on the impact of head movement related stress is presented and an outlook of future work is presented on how a human-robot cooperation workplace can be designed for hands-free robot control.



Katecholaminausscheidung im Urin bei emotional und mental belastenden TÄtigkeiten im Flugverkehrskontrolldienst

SummaryIn a field study, we examined the excretion of catecholamines in the urine of 69 air traffic controllers. We collected 258 urine samples under working conditions and 405 urine samples under

Beurteilung ergonomischer Fragestellungen mit Herzfrequenz und Sinusarhythmie (Indicatoren von mentaler Beanspruchung und Ermüdung)

SummaryHeart rate and 2 scores of variability of heart rate in several test series with tracking tasks are reported. These data allow determination of the suitability of the different parameters of


Abstract : The paper presents two experiments, in which a total of 63 subjects were deprived of sleep for 75 hours with simultaneous 3-hourly measurements of physiological variables (e.g.

Alcohol-induced changes in mood and activation in males and females as related to catecholamine excretion and blood-alcohol level.

Maximum blood-alcohol values as well as the disappearance rate of alcohol from the blood were significantly higher in the females than in the males, and ratings of subjective reactions indicated that pleasant effects were more pronounced in the Males, negative effects more marked in the Females.

Plasma noradrenaline increases with age

Extending the study to teenage and elderly subjects revealed that basal levels of plasma NA correlate with age and that the increase in plasma NA in response to stress is similarly related to age.

Influence of age on orthostatic changes in plasma renin activity and urinary catecholamines in man.

The diminished capacity of older subjects for catecholamine mobilization and raised renin secretion during an orthostatis stress may be related to the higher incidence of orthostatic forms of hypotension in old age.

Improved technique for the fluorimetric estimation of catecholamines.

By the addition of small amounts of ethylene diamine (EDA) to the alkali-ascorbic acid mixture used in the trihydroxyindole (THI) method the discoloration of reaction mixture and instability of fluorescence can be prevented, allowing blanks to maintain their fluorescence values for several hours.

Sex differences in the urinary catecholamines.

There was no apparent trend indicating a difference in urinary catecholamine excretion during the follicular or luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, and in response to upright posture, there was a significant decrease in the urinary dopamine-norepinephrine ratio in both sexes.

[Experiences with a cardiorecorder system for continuous 24-hour registration of heart rate].

A parallel standardized recording of the physical activity observed by the subject or by an experimenter allows a statistical evaluation and comparison of thephysical activity with the corresponding heart frequency data.