Untersuchungen über die Grundlagen der Thermodynamik

  title={Untersuchungen {\"u}ber die Grundlagen der Thermodynamik},
  author={Constantin Carath{\'e}odory},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
Variational inequalities with lack of ellipticity. Part I: Optimal interior regularity and non-degeneracy of the free boundary
This paper is the first part of a program aimed at studying the regularity of sub-elliptic free boundaries. In the setting of Carnot groups we establish the optimal interior regularity of the
We try to convince geometers that it is worth using Control Theory in the framework of sub-Riemannian structures, not only to get necessary conditions for length- minimizing curves, but also, from
The second law of thermodynamics as variation on a theme of Carathéodory
  • J. Goddard
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A
  • 2021
This paper revisits the second law of thermodynamics via certain modifications of the axiomatic foundation provided by the celebrated 1909 work of Carathéodory. It is shown that his postulate of
Thermodynamics and Geometrothermodynamics of Charged black holes in Massive Gravity
The objective of this paper is to study the thermodynamics and thermodynamic geometry of charged de-Sitter and charged anti de-Sitter black hole solutions in massive gravity. We study the effect of
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The physical foundations of a variety of emerging technologies — ranging from the applications of quantum entanglement in quantum information to the applications of non-equilibrium bulk and interface
Recent Progress in the Definition of Thermodynamic Entropy
The principal methods for the definition of thermodynamic entropy are discussed with special reference to those developed by Carath\'eodory, the Keenan School, Lieb and Yngvason, and the present
Removing Heat and Conceptual Loops from the Definition of Entropy
A rigorous and general logical scheme is presented, which provides an operative non-statistical definition of entropy valid also in the nonequilibrium domain and free of the usual conceptual loops
Braided spaces with dilations and sub-riemannian symmetric spaces
Braided sets which are also spaces with dilations are presented and explored in this paper, in the general frame of emergent algebras arxiv:0907.1520. Examples of such spaces are the sub-riemannian
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With the help of link diagrams with decorated crossings, I explain computations in emergent algebras, introduced in arXiv:0907.1520, as the kind of computations done in the front end visual system.
Emergent algebras as generalizations of differentiable algebras, with applications
We propose a generalization of differentiable algebras, where the underlying differential structure is replaced by a uniform idempotent right quasigroup (irq). Algebraically, irqs are related with