Untersuchungen über das logische Schließen. I

  title={Untersuchungen {\"u}ber das logische Schlie{\ss}en. I},
  author={Gerhard Gentzen},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
  • G. Gentzen
  • Published 1 December 1935
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematische Zeitschrift
The present invention relates to a process for sizing cellulose fibers or cellulose fiber containing materials and to a composition for carrying out the process. More particularly the invention relates to a process for sizing according to which cellulose fibers or cellulose fiber containing materials in a manner known per se are brought into contact with compounds having the general formula WHEREIN R1 is an organic, hydrophobic group having 8 to 40 carbon atoms and R2 is an alkyl group having 1… 

Strenge Beweise und das Verbot der metábasis eis állo génos

In his booklet ‘Contributions to a better founded presentation of mathematics’ of 1810 Bernard Bolzano made his first serious attempt to explain the notion of a rigorous proof. Although the system of

Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer, 1881-1966

This Memoir is divided into three parts. Part I describes Brouwer's life and that part of his work which develops a general philosophy of mathematics; since the latter is regarded as obscure, but

From Quantum Metalanguage to the Logic of Qubits

The main aim of this thesis is to look for a logical deductive calculus (we will adopt sequent calculus, originally introduced in Gentzen, 1935), which could describe quantum information and its

Algebraic Properties of Rules of Frege-Hilbert Calculi

Polymer filtration apparatus comprising a body having a pair of upstream passages each terminating at a slide channel and a pair of downstream passages respectively opposing the upstream passages,

A substructural logic for layered graphs

This work establishes a notion of a layered graph, and provides soundness and completeness results for a class of algebraic models that includes layered graphs, which give a mathematically substantial semantics to this very weak logic.

CERES in aussagenlogischen Beweisschemata

This thesis proves that by naively adapting Ceres for first-order schemata to their case, the authors end up with an incomplete algorithm, and aims at providing a version of schematic Ceres which is a complete cut-elimination algorithm for propositional Schemata.

Tableaux and Related Methods

From Basic Logic to Quantum Logics with Cut-Elimination

The results presented in this paper wereobtained in the framework of basic logic, a new logicaiming at the unification of several logical systems.The first result is a sequent formulation for

Der engere Prädikatenkalkül

Der Klassenkalkul ermoglichte eine systematischere Behandlung der logischen Fragen als die traditionelle Logik. Andererseits kann man aber sagen, das in Hinsicht auf die Moglichkeit, logische

A new deconstructive logic: linear logic

The method presented is powerful: it allows us to recover as fragments formalisms as seemingly different as Girard's LC and Parigot's λμ, FD, delineates other viable systems as well, and gives means to extend the Krivine/Leivant paradigm of ‘programming-with-proofs’ to classical logic.