Untersuchungen über Druck-Stromstärke-Beziehungen im Coronargefäßsystem


1. In open chest dogs the left coronary artery or one of its major branches was cannulated and perfused with blood of the same dog out of an air chamber under various pressures. Phasic coronary inflow measurement was performed with an electromagnetic flowmeter which allowed estimation of coronary vasomotor activity by means of enddiastolic flow. 2. Pressure… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00363238


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@article{Doutheil2004UntersuchungenD, title={Untersuchungen {\"u}ber Druck-Stromst{\"a}rke-Beziehungen im Coronargef{\"a}\sssystem}, author={Ulrich Doutheil and Stephan Sch{\"a}fer and Astrid Ensslin}, journal={Pfl{\"u}ger's Archiv f{\"u}r die gesamte Physiologie des Menschen und der Tiere}, year={2004}, volume={284}, pages={287-300} }