Untersuchungen üben die Rückreaktionen im Xanthophyll-Cyclus bei Chlorella, Spinacia und Taxus

  title={Untersuchungen {\"u}ben die R{\"u}ckreaktionen im Xanthophyll-Cyclus bei Chlorella, Spinacia und Taxus},
  author={Achim Hager},
The epoxidation of zeaxanthin to the di-epoxide violaxanthin via the mono-epoxide antheraxanthin (called the backward-reaction), is examined with several plant objects and under various conditions. In Chlorella and in the needles of Taxus baccata a backward-conversion can be observed immediately after the termination of strong illumination. The reaction can be accelerated somewhat by exposure of the plant material to pure O2 or dim light. One cannot observe such an epoxidation in leaf disks of… CONTINUE READING


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