Untangling the Family Tree: Using the Transgenerational Script Questionnaire in the Psychotherapy of Transgenerational Trauma

  title={Untangling the Family Tree: Using the Transgenerational Script Questionnaire in the Psychotherapy of Transgenerational Trauma},
  author={Gloria Noriega Gayol},
  journal={Transactional Analysis Journal},
  pages={279 - 291}
Abstract The Transgenerational Script Questionnaire (TSQ) is presented as a helpful tool to reveal the transgenerational script in a family tree. The TSQ may be applied in individual or group psychotherapy and used for treatment planning. Transgenerational trauma, intrapsychically introjected through original nonverbal and verbal transactions between the Child and Parent ego states of family members, is usually present in the client’s internal dialogues. When clients are not aware of the voices… 
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