Unsuspected bacterial infections in febrile convulsions.

  title={Unsuspected bacterial infections in febrile convulsions.},
  author={Peter Bruce McIntyre and Sarah Gray and John C Vance},
  journal={The Medical journal of Australia},
  volume={152 4},
In a 12-month prospective study in 1984, blood and urinary cultures were obtained as a routine from 307 children who presented with fever and convulsions to the Mater Misericordiae Children's Hospital, Brisbane, and the results were compared with data from 1981-1983 when cultures were not taken as a routine. In the prospective study, bacteraemia was found in 12 (4.3%) of 282 patients but was not suspected clinically in half of these; urinary-tract infection was found in seven (2.6%) of 272… CONTINUE READING


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