Unsupervised Intrinsic Calibration from a Single Frame Using a "Plumb-Line" Approach

  title={Unsupervised Intrinsic Calibration from a Single Frame Using a "Plumb-Line" Approach},
  author={Rui Melo and Michel Antunes and Jo{\~a}o Pedro Barreto and Gabriel Falc{\~a}o Paiva Fernandes and Nuno Gonçalves},
  journal={2013 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision},
Estimating the amount and center of distortion from lines in the scene has been addressed in the literature by the so-called ``plumb-line'' approach. In this paper we propose a new geometric method to estimate not only the distortion parameters but the entire camera calibration (up to an ``angular'' scale factor) using a minimum of 3 lines. We propose a new framework for the unsupervised simultaneous detection of natural image of lines and camera parameters estimation, enabling a robust… CONTINUE READING
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