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Unsteady aerodynamics of falling plates

  title={Unsteady aerodynamics of falling plates},
  author={U. Pesavento},
Numerical Study of the Unsteady Aerodynamics of Fluttering and Tumbling Cards
The fluttering of a leaf, the free fall of an object and the auto rotation of a windmill are few of the many unsteady phenomena involving a fluid body int eraction that has served as an inspirationExpand
Pattern-guided simulations of immersed rigid bodies
This paper defines the control parameters of viscous forces in rigid body simulator, and proposed energy optimization strategy for determining the time series of control parameters is built upon a motion graph of motion patterns and the turbulent kinetic energy. Expand
Numerical Study of 2-D Rigid and Deformable Fluid-Structure Interaction Cases
The effects of cross-flow on the tumbling and fluttering motions of a free-falling 2D plate were studied using numerical simulation. The analysis focused on displacements, velocities and forcesExpand
Computational study of the interaction of freely moving particles at intermediate Reynolds numbers
Abstract Motivated by our interest in understanding collective behaviour and self-organization resulting from hydrodynamic interactions, we investigate the two-dimensional dynamics of horizontalExpand
Evaluation of Quasi-Steady Theory Applied to Windborne Flat Plates in Uniform Flow
This paper analyzes models based on the quasi-steady theory for the flight of windborne plate debris. It is shown that the effects of the rotational lift, drag, and pitching moment are important andExpand


Essentially Compact Schemes for Unsteady Viscous Incompressible Flows
A new fourth-order accurate finite difference scheme for the computation of unsteady viscous incompressible flows is introduced. The scheme is based on the vorticity-stream function formulation. ItExpand
From Flutter to Tumble: Inertial Drag and Froude Similarity in Falling Paper
In an experiment on thin flat strips falling through a fluid in a vertical cell, two fundamental motions are observed: side-to-side oscillation (flutter) and end-over-end rotation (tumble). At highExpand
Autorotating wings: an experimental investigation
The autorotation of a flat plate about its spanwise axis was experimentally studied. Most of the work was done with a wing mounted in the University of Michigan 5 × 7 ft low-speed wind tunnel. TheExpand
Hydrodynamics. Dover Publications, New York
  • 1945
Unsteady forces and flows in low Reynolds number hovering flight: two-dimensional computations vs robotic wing experiments
Comparing computational, experimental and quasi-steady forces in a generic hovering wing undergoing sinusoidal motion along a horizontal stroke plane investigates unsteady effects and compares two-dimensional computations and three-dimensional experiments in several qualitatively different kinematic patterns. Expand
Chaotic dynamics of falling disks
The study of the motion of flat bodies falling in a viscous mediumdates back at least to Newton and Maxwell, and is relevant to problems in meteorology, sedimentology, aerospace engineering andExpand
Tumbling of a falling card
Nous presentons un modele simple expliquant la derive et les virevoltes d'une carte rigide de grande elongation lâchee dans un air immobile.
An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
This brief paper derives Euler’s equations for an inviscid fluid, summarizes the Cauchy momentum equation, derives the Navier-Stokes equation from that, and then talks about finite difference methodExpand
Unsteady aerodynamics of fluttering and tumbling plates
We investigate the aerodynamics of freely falling plates in a quasi-two-dimensional flow at Reynolds number of $10^{3}$, which is typical for a leaf or business card falling in air. We quantify theExpand
Analysis of transitions between fluttering, tumbling and steady descent of falling cards
We study the dynamics of a rigid card falling in air using direct numerical simulations of the two-dimensional Navier–Stokes equation and a fluid force model based on ordinary differential equationsExpand