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Unsteady Wave Drag on a Disturbance Moving Along an Arbitrary Trajectory

  title={Unsteady Wave Drag on a Disturbance Moving Along an Arbitrary Trajectory},
  author={Lucas Gierczak-Galle and Assil Fadle and Maxence Arutkin and E. Raphael and Michael Benzaquen},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
We derive analytical formulas for the wake and wave drag of a disturbance moving arbitrarily at the air-water interface. We show that, provided a constant velocity is reached in finite time, the unsteady surface displacement converges to its well-known steady counterpart as given by Havelock's famous formula. Finally we assess, in a specific situation, to which extent one can rightfully use Havelock's steady wave drag formula for non-uniform motion (quasi-static). Such an approach can be used… 

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