Unsteady Flow Field Measurements In An Industrial Centrifugal Compressor

  title={Unsteady Flow Field Measurements In An Industrial Centrifugal Compressor},
  author={Lorenzo Toni and Valeria Ballarini and Stefano Cioncolini and Paolo Gaetani and Giacomo Persico},
Unsteady flow field measurements of both static and total pressure, and discharge angle have been carried out downstream of an industrial centrifugal impeller. Phase-resolved measurements were performed using a cylindrical single sensor fast response aerodynamic pressure probe (FRAPP) traversing and rotating from the impeller hub up to the shroud. Since FRAPP operates as a virtual three-hole probe, it was possible to obtain a detailed bidimensional reconstruction of the flow field. An… 

Prediction and Validation of High-Performance Centrifugal Compressor Impeller Forced Response

This paper focuses on the forced response analysis of an unshrouded high-speed centrifugal impeller incorporating aircraft engine technology designed for hydrocarbon processing, and follows a rigorous numerical approach supported by validation against dedicated aeromechanic test data.

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Numerical investigation of the lean effects in centrifugal compressors

  • F. MerliG. Paolo
  • Engineering
    13th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics
  • 2019
A numerical analysis of opposite lean angles on the rotor blades is carried out and shows a weak dependence of the rotor efficiency on rotor blade lean; notwithstanding, the local flow field at the rotor outlet presents different patterns that affect the flow evolution in the vaneless diffuser and its performances.

Accurate Radial Vaneless Diffuser One-Dimensional Model

A simplified one-dimensional model for the performance estimation of vaneless radial diffusers is presented. The starting point of such a model is that angular momentum losses occurring in vaneless

Effects Due to the Temperature Measurement Section on the Performance Estimation of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage

A wide-ranging analysis was performed by GE Oil & Gas and the University of Florence to investigate the effects on the estimation of centrifugal compressor performance induced by a different choice

A Systematic Approach to Estimate the Impact of the Aerodynamic Force Induced by Rotating Stall in a Vaneless Diffuser on the Rotordynamic Behavior of Centrifugal Compressors

One of the main challenges of the present industrial research on centrifugal compressors is the need of extending the left margin of the operating range of the machines. As a result, interest is

Technology Development of Fast-Response Aerodynamic Pressure Probes

A novel procedure for the quantification of the measurement uncertainty, recently developed and based on the Montecarlo methodology, is introduced and discussed in the paper.



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This paper presents an experimental investigation of the flow field in a high-pressure transonic turbine with a downstream vane row (1.5 stage machine) concerning the airfoil indexing. The objective

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A New Slip Factor Correlation for Centrifugal Impellers in a Wide Range of Flow Coefficients and Peripheral Mach Numbers

The preliminary design of new centrifugal stages often relies on one-dimensional codes implementing the concept of slip factor. This parameter plays a primary role in the stage design process since

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Unsteady compressible flows resulting from the incomplete burst of the shock tube diaphragm are investigated both experimentally and numerically for different initial pressure ratios and opening

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Two cylindrical fast-response pressure probes for unsteady flow measurements in turbomachinery have been designed and tested. Commercially available miniaturized pressure sensors have been used to