Unstable growth of curvature perturbations in nonsingular bouncing cosmologies.

  title={Unstable growth of curvature perturbations in nonsingular bouncing cosmologies.},
  author={BingKan Xue and Paul J. Steinhardt},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 26},
Bouncing cosmologies require an ekpyrotic contracting phase (w≫1) in order to achieve flatness, homogeneity, and isotropy. Models with a nonsingular bounce further require a bouncing phase that violates the null energy condition (w<-1). We show that the transition from the ekpyrotic phase to the bouncing phase creates problems for cosmological perturbations. A component of the adiabatic curvature perturbations, though decaying and negligible during the ekpyrotic phase, is exponentially… CONTINUE READING

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