Unstable cervical spine in athetoid cerebral palsy.

  title={Unstable cervical spine in athetoid cerebral palsy.},
  author={Sohei Ebara and Tomohisa Harada and Yoko Yamazaki and Noboru Hosono and Kazuo Yonenobu and Kazuo Hiroshima and Kishiri Ono},
  volume={14 11},
The manifestations and pathomechanism of cervical instability of the athetoid neck in cerebral palsy (CP) patients was clarified in this study by means of static and dynamic x-ray analysis. Instability was defined as follows: 1) listhesis indicating anterior or posterior slip of more than 3 mm and/or 2) sagittal rotation between two vertebrae beyond the normal range measured by Penning. Cervical instability fitting this definition mainly took place in the upper and middle cervical disc levels… CONTINUE READING
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