Unsharp Values, Domains and Topoi

  title={Unsharp Values, Domains and Topoi},
  author={A. Doering and Rui Soares Barbosa},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
The so-called topos approach provides a radical reformulation of quantum theory. Structurally, quantum theory in the topos formulation is very similar to classical physics. There is a state object \(\underline\sum\), analogous to the state space of a classical system, and a quantity-value object \(\underline{\mathbb{R}^{\leftrightarrow}}\), generalising the real numbers. Physical quantities are maps from the state object to the quantity-value object – hence the ‘values’ of physical quantities… Expand
Sheaf-theoretic methods in quantum mechanics and quantum information theory
In this thesis we use the language of sheaf theory in an attempt to develop a deeper understanding of some of the fundamental differences - such as entanglement, contextuality and non-locality -Expand
The regular histories formulation of quantum theory
It can be argued that RH compares favourably with other proposed interpretations of quantum mechanics in that it resolves the measurement problem while retaining an essentially classical worldview without parallel universes, a framework-dependent reality or action-at-a-distance. Expand
Fibred contextual quantum physics
A contextual quantum mechanics via the geometric mathematics to propose a quantum contextuality adaptable in every topos, corresponding to the belief that the quantum world must only be seen from the classical viewpoints a la Bohr. Expand
Group action in topos quantum physics
Topos theory has been suggested first by Isham and Butterfield, and then by Isham and Doring, as an alternative mathematical structure within which to formulate physical theories. In particular, itExpand
The Logos Categorical Approach to Quantum Mechanics: I. Kochen-Specker Contextuality and Global Intensive Valuations
The logos categorical approach to QM attempts to consider the main features of the quantum formalism as the standpoint to develop a conceptual representation that explains what the theory is really talking about —rather than as problems that need to be bypassed to allow a restoration of a classical “common sense” understanding of what there is. Expand
A Second Course in Topos Quantum Theory
Logic of Propositions in Topos Quantum Theory -- Developments on Self Adjoint Operators in Topos Quantum Theory -- Physical quantities interpreted as modal operators -- Group action in Topos QuantumExpand
Topos Analogues of the KMS State
We identify the analogues of KMS state in topos theory. Topos KMS states can be viewed as classes of truth objects associated with a measure \mu^\rho (in one-to-one correspondence with an originalExpand
Some Remarks on the Logic of Quantum Gravity
We discuss some conceptual issues that any approach to quantum gravity has to confront. In particular, it is argued that one has to find a theory that can be interpreted in a realist manner, becauseExpand
Flows on Generalised Gelfand Spectra of Nonabelian Unital C*-Algebras and Time Evolution of Quantum Systems
In arXiv:1212.2613, we associated a presheaf \Sigma^A with each unital C*-algebra A. The spectral presheaf \Sigma^A generalises the Gelfand spectrum of an abelian unital C*-algebra. In the presentExpand
Spectral presheaves as quantum state spaces
  • A. Döring
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2015
It is explained how the structure of the spectral presheaf geometrically mirrors the double role played by self-adjoint operators in quantum theory, as quantum random variables and as generators of time evolution. Expand


A Topos for Algebraic Quantum Theory
The aim of this paper is to relate algebraic quantum mechanics to topos theory, so as to construct new foundations for quantum logic and quantum spaces. Motivated by Bohr’s idea that the empiricalExpand
Intuitionistic Quantum Logic of an n-level System
AbstractA decade ago, Isham and Butterfield proposed a topos-theoretic approach to quantum mechanics, which meanwhile has been extended by Döring and Isham so as to provide a new mathematicalExpand
Topos Quantum Logic and Mixed States
  • A. Döring
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Electron. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 2011
It is shown that topos quantum logic is distributive, multi-valued, contextual and intuitionistic, and has a built-in form of coarse-graining which automatically avoids interpretational problems usually associated with the conjunction of propositions about incompatible physical quantities. Expand
A topos foundation for theories of physics: II. Daseinisation and the liberation of quantum theory
This paper is the second in a series whose goal is to develop a fundamentally new way of constructing theories of physics. The motivation comes from a desire to address certain deep issues that ariseExpand
Topos Perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem: I. Quantum States as Generalized Valuations
AbstractAny attempt to construct a realistinterpretation of quantum theory founders on theKochen–Specker theorem, which asserts theimpossibility of assigning values to quantum quantitiesin a way thatExpand
A topos formulation of history quantum theory
Topos theory has been suggested by Doring and Isham as an alternative mathematical structure with which to formulate physical theories. In particular, it has been used to reformulate standard quantumExpand
Topos Perspective on the Kochen–Specker Theorem: IV. Interval Valuations
AbstractWe extend the topos-theoretic treatment given in previous papers (Butterfield, J. and Isham, C. J. (1999). International Journal of Theoretical Physics38, 827–859; Hamilton, J., Butterfield,Expand
A Topos Perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem II. Conceptual Aspects and Classical Analogues
In a previous paper, we proposed assigning asthe value of a physical quantity in quantum theory acertain kind of set (a sieve) of quantities that arefunctions of the given quantity. The motivationExpand
Topos Theory and ‘Neo-Realist’ Quantum Theory
Topos theory, a branch of category theory, has been proposed as mathematical basis for the formulation of physical theories. In this article, we give a brief introduction to this approach,Expand
Bohrification of operator algebras and quantum logic
It is proved that the Heyting algebra thus associated to A arises as a basis for the internal Gelfand spectrum (in the sense of Banaschewski–Mulvey) of the “Bohrification” of A, which is a commutative Rickart C*-algebra in the topos of functors from A to the category of sets. Expand