Unsettling Eurocentrism in the Westernized University

  title={Unsettling Eurocentrism in the Westernized University},
  author={Julie Cupples and Ram{\'o}n Grosfoguel},

Língua-código e/ou língua-verbo? Um olhar decolonial sobre a sala de aula de inglês

Em tempos de globalização neoliberal, a língua inglesa tem assumido espaço hegemônico como língua da comunicação, da ciência, dos negócios, da mídia e da educação. Esse espaço, naturalizado em

Toward an impact‐driven framework to operationalize social justice and implement ICT4D in the field of information

  • Bharat Mehra
  • Computer Science
    Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology
  • 2022

Mapping practices and spatiality in IR knowledge production: from detachment to emancipation

This article conceptualises the variety of approaches taken by International Relations (IR) scholars around the world to dominant forms of knowledge production in IR. In doing so, it advances Global

Settler colonial studies and Latin America

ABSTRACT This introduction to the Special Issue of Settler Colonial Studies on Latin America locates the articles within the field of settler colonial theory and places it within the context of Latin

A “Token of Love”: the role of emotions in student field trips teaching critical development geographies

This paper explores the roles and relationships of emotions in the promotion of critical development geographies, as engendered through a student field trip from a university in the so-called Globa...

Editors' Critical Introduction: Conceptions of Internationalisation Challenging Dominant Knowledge Traditions

This chapter provides a critical and comprehensive review of the internationalisation literature. It starts with a brief discussion of the main factors and features that need to be considered when

Critical and Postcolonial Approaches to Educational Administration Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • E. Samier
  • Education
    Internationalisation of Educational Administration and Leadership Curriculum
  • 2021
This chapter provides an overview of the postcolonial literatures and their critiques relevant to internationalising curriculum in the educational administration and leadership field. The aim is to

“Culture and psychedelic psychotherapy: Ethnic and racial themes from three black women therapists”

The promise that Psychedelic Medicine holds for debilitating, treatment-resistant, disorders rests as much upon novel explanations of illness as it does upon novel treatments. If actu-alized,