Unsettled possession: the question of ownership of Jewish sites in Poland after the Holocaust from a local perspective

  title={Unsettled possession: the question of ownership of Jewish sites in Poland after the Holocaust from a local perspective},
  author={Yechiel Weizman},
  journal={Jewish Culture and History},
  pages={34 - 53}
  • Y. Weizman
  • Published 2 January 2017
  • History
  • Jewish Culture and History
Abstract This essay examines how the question of the ownership of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues was perceived and negotiated by local officials and bureaucrats during the first decade of communist rule in Poland. Drawing on correspondences between local and state officials and Jewish associations in the early postwar years, it indicates the discrepancy between the central and local authorities’ attitude towards Jewish sites. While Jewish communal property was nationalized and disinherited by… 
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