Unsettled Territories: State, Civil Society, and the Politics of Religious Conversion in India

  title={Unsettled Territories: State, Civil Society, and the Politics of Religious Conversion in India},
  author={Leela Fernandes},
  journal={Politics and Religion},
  pages={108 - 135}
Abstract The article argues that the secular Indian state and the Hindu nationalist movement are invested in restricting changes in religious membership in ways that intensify religious and caste-based inequalities. The secular state and the Hindu nationalist movement attempt to enforce a shared model of religion that takes the form of a fixed territory. In this model, changes in religious membership through conversion are restricted. An analysis of state-civil society interactions in India… 

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India at the crossroads? Civil society, human rights and religious freedom: critical analysis of CSOs’ third cycle Universal Periodic Review discourse 2012–2017

  • Paul Chaney
  • Political Science
    The International Journal of Human Rights
  • 2019
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