Unscripting Curriculum: Toward a Critical Trans Pedagogy

  title={Unscripting Curriculum: Toward a Critical Trans Pedagogy},
  author={Harper Benjamin Keenan},
  journal={Harvard Educational Review},
  • H. Keenan
  • Published 11 December 2017
  • Sociology
  • Harvard Educational Review
In this essay, Harper B. Keenan draws on his own experience as a white queer and trans educator to consider the meaning of a critical trans pedagogy. Amid dissonant narratives of equal rights and subjection, he explores how his classroom teaching is shaped by his own experience of gender conditioning as well as by the contemporary political climate surrounding trans identity. Keenan argues that a critical trans pedagogy requires unscripting and must necessarily support children in constructing… Expand
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Ripping back the veil: Examining how trans visibility shapes understandings of gender and instruction
  • S. Shelton
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • 2018
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A trans pedagogy of refusal: interrogating cisgenderism, the limits of antinormativity and trans necropolitics
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Queer-Decolonial Pedagogy: Undoing Binaries Through Intergenerational Learning.
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The Trans Educators Network: a reflection on community organizing and knowledge production
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YouTube as a site of desubjugation for trans and nonbinary youth: pedagogical potentialities and the limits of whiteness
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Supporting Transgender Inclusion and Gender Diversity in Schools: A Critical Policy Analysis
A policy analysis of transgender affirmative policies in Ontario is conducted and it offers insight into two trans-affirmative policies and their implications for both supporting transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary students and envisioning gender-expansive education in the school system. Expand
  • Á. Longoria
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies
  • 2021
This essay aims at connecting child and youth care (CYC) to U.S. teacher education, educator pathways, and schooling in the United States. Further, this essay addresses Wolfgang Vachon’s call to pushExpand


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