Unsaturated diether lipids in the psychrotrophic archaeon Halorubrum lacusprofundi.

  title={Unsaturated diether lipids in the psychrotrophic archaeon Halorubrum lacusprofundi.},
  author={John A. E. Gibson and Matthew R Miller and Noel W Davies and Glen P Neill and David S Nichols and John K. Volkman},
  journal={Systematic and applied microbiology},
  volume={28 1},
The major phospholipids of Halorubrum lacusprofundi grown at 25 degrees C were archaeol phosphatidylglycerol, archaeol phosphatidylglycerylsulphate and archaeol phosphatidylglycerylphosphate methyl ester. Glycolipids included a monoglycosyl archaeol and the sulphate ester of a diglycosyl archaeol. Cultures grown at 12 degrees C contained the same suite of phospho- and glycolipids, with the addition of a series of unsaturated analogues with up to six double bonds. The patterns of unsaturation… CONTINUE READING